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Simmonds, Isaac

Former convict who joined Sydney's early police force shortly after his arrival in the colony in 1803. Also known as Ikey, or Hikey, Bull, probably due to his size. He had been convicted of robbery in 1799 and  He was tried for the murder of fellow officer Joseph Luker in 1803, he was found not guilty due to lack of conclusive evidence. His association with criminals and the corrupt behaviour as a police officer that became apparent during the investigation into Luker's death saw Simmonds return to life as a convict however, initially at George's Head, and then the Newcastle penal colony. He was released in 1818 and died in Sydney in 1833.

Arrived Sydney
11 Mar 1803
Oct 1833
13 Oct 1833
May 1803 - Aug 1803

The murder of Constable Joseph Luker

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Convict Joseph Luker placed his past firmly behind him when he decided to pursue a career as a police constable in colonial Sydney. This transition from law breaker to law enforcer would also see him become the first officer of the law killed in the line of duty in Australia.