Petition from Maria Lock re: land grant 1831, page 2

- That Governor Macquarie gave her
Brother Coley a small Grant of Land at
Black Town – and as her Brother is now
dead, your Petitioner humbly prays that this
Grant may be transferred to her, and her
Children, or that a small portion of the land
adjoining be given to her, whereby she and
her Husband may be enabled to feed their
Cattle, now Seven in number, earn an honest
livelihood, and provide a comfortable home
for themselves, and their increasing family.

And your Petitioner shall, as
in duty bound, ever pray &c &c &c
Maria Lock
Liverpool March 3rd 1831

I beg leave to state, for the information of His Excellency The Governor, that I have known Petitioner from a Child -
and more particularly since she was married - having
in consequence of her exemplary conduct, allowed her
and her husband for several years past, to reside
upon my farm - I believe her own written
statement to be strictly correct – and I feel great
pleasure in recommending Petitioner to His Excellency’s
most favourable consideration

Robt Cartwright
Senr Chaplain

The Petitioner was in the Native Institution
when I was the Secretary & was Married
from it. And as she has proved that the instruct-
ion she received was not lost from her, I
beg to recommend her to the kind consider-
ation of His Excellency The Governor.
Richard Hill