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The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

Gumbramorra Swamp

Swamp on the north of the Cooks River in the Marrickville valley between Marrickville and Sydenham. Most of the swamp had been drained and the land resumed and developed by the early 20th century, but flooding in the area continues to be an issue. Sydenham Road, that runs from Sydenham through Marrickville, was originally called Swamp Road.

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Part of the rich lands of the Cadigal people, Sydenham was late to develop because of the Gumbramorra Swamp which covered most of the western part. It grew into a thriving industrial and workers' suburb with a few large villas, but was gutted in the late twentieth century by the effects of aircraft noise from Sydney Airport. The demolition of 152 houses created Sydenham Green, a large park.