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La Perouse

South-eastern residential suburb on Botany Bay, named after the French explorer who landed there in 1788. It has a large Indigenous population, including those who can trace their ancestors back to the Kameygal people in pre-contact times.

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La Perouse

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Traditionally owned by the Kameygal, whose descendants still maintain their connection with the land, La Perouse has a history of both invasion and survival. Unwanted by the early colonists who thought it unhealthy, the area was an Aboriginal camp throughout the nineteenth century, though also used for government purposes, such as quarantine and signalling. During the 1930s Depression, unemployed people set up camp there. Repeated attempts to move Aboriginal people away from La Perouse failed, and since 1984 the reserve has been Aboriginal land.

Randwick Heritage Plaques

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Randwick City Council Bicentennial Commemorative Plaques recognise buildings and sites of historical significance throughout Randwick municpality.