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Neutral Bay

Lower north shore harbourside suburb, named by Governor Phillip when he decreed in 1789 that all non-British 'neutral' ships visiting Port Jackson were to anchor there. Since the 1960s many apartment buildings and town houses have been built due to its desirable inner city location.

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Neutral Bay

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Built on the traditional country of the Cammeraygal people, Neutral Bay was part of the Thrupp Estate bought in 1816, and sold to Daniel Cooper in 1827. Until the 1860s houses were built on the waterfront, but spread up the hill after Military Road was built along the ridge line. Industry and improved transport brought more residents, as well as shops, pubs and eventually schools to the district. By the 1930s, Neutral Bay was a popular garden suburb. Since the 1960s, high rise apartments have changed the look of the area.