Inner-west suburb which developed along the main road south from Sydney. It became a prosperous shopping district in the late 19th century, and later a working-class and migrant suburb, now gentrified.

Newtown demographics

Majestic Theatre Newtown c1938
A steeple chase at Newtown near Sydney 1854
'Cars Kill' King Street, Newtown 1999
'Reclaim the Streets', King Street, Newtown 1999
Nurses and mothers with babies at Newtown Baby Clinic 1914
Mr Sampson's Classical and Commercial School, Newtown c1871
Horse-drawn tram at Newtown Station 1894
Nightclub advertisement stencilled on footpath, Newtown 2008
Cycling Kermit, Newtown 2006
Rainbow coloured raindrops on south King Street, Newtown 2010
St Stephen's church, Newtown c1875
Detail from plan of O'Connell Town 1843
Baby clinic Newtown 1914
Newtown Synagogue 1982
Stanmore House, Enmore c1900
Allotments at Bello Retiro, Cooks River Road 1850s
Croquet and archery in the grounds of Enmore House, Newtown c1865-70
Reiby House, Newtown c1923
Newtown Railway Station c1895
Plan of the villa Bello Retiro on the Cooks River Road for sale by auction by Mr Stubbs, on the 28 September 1842
IKEA welcome mat stencil, south King Street, Newtown 2 November 2011
Mr Slade's milking establishment, Newtown 1877
Our Metropolitan Suburbs: Newtown 1889
Saturday night in Newtown 1889
Reiby House, Newtown 1889
Newtown Public School, King Street1889
Tollgate keeper Billy Meek at the toll-bar, King Street, at Newtown railway station c1870-72
Botany Bay from Newtown 15 October 1853
Atlas of the Suburbs of Sydney - Newtown 1886-1888
Newtown Markets, corner King and Newman Streets (and with sign announcing demolition to build a new market building) c1906
Botany Bay from Newtown, December 1862
Plan of the Newtown area, September 1842
Camperdown cemetery 'Sacred to the memory of Emily Alice Elliott' c1854
DIY Rainbow event at Newtown Square 26 April 2013