St Peters


Inner western residential, commercial and industrial suburb, named after the Anglican church around which it developed. It is recognisable by the iconic chimneys of the former brickworks, now part of Sydney Park, built to take advantage of vast deposits of clay.

St Peters demographics

Brick chimneys St Peters 2008
Brick factory, St Peters c1940s
Cooks River Road St Peters August 1935
Employees of Speare's Brickworks, St Peters
Goodsell's Brickyards, Newtown April 1883
St Peter's church c1845
Police officer directing traffic at the intersection of Cooks River Road and Ricketty Street, St Peters 1 November 1946
St Peter's church, Cooks River c1920
Wetlands in Sydney Park September 2011
Part of the wetlands area in Sydney Park September 2011
Map of St Peters brickpits and surrounds 1880s
Aerial view of site of St Peters brickpits and surrounds 1949
Paracyclotosaurus davidi sculpture in Sydney Park playground September 2011
Block boys at St Peters 22 April 1935
Botany Bay from Newtown 15 October 1853
Atlas of the Suburbs of Sydney - St Peters 1886-1888
Shea's Creek 1888
Beaconsfield Estate, Bankstown: on the proposed loop line St Peters Liverpool 1880-1890
The old Ricketty Street bridge over Alexandra Canal, St Peters November 1936
Plan of the Newtown area, September 1842
Shea's Creek Canal, sketch plan shewing position of submerged forest, remains of dugong, stone tomahawks &c 1896
Death at the Gasworks, from These Walls Have Ears: My Place 2013