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Detail of plan of the City of Sydney showing the wooden bridge over the Tank Stream 1855 Media
Businesses on lower George Street in 1848 Media
Letter from R Dawson & Co, Australian Iron Works, to the City of Sydney requesting permission to remove moulding sand from Sydney Common, February 1870 Media
Letter from Richard Dawson, Australian Foundry to the Chairman of the City of Sydney Lighting Committee offering to supply cast iron lamp posts 17 March 1843 Media
Pitt Street Uniting Church August 2012 Media
Circular Quay c1854 Media
Dawson's Foundry at Circular Quay c1854 Media
A relic of old Sydney: early Sydney in a casting 1913 Media
The Fish, the train from Sydney to Mount Victoria 8 April 1943 Media
Dancer from the First Australian Ballet in pose from Diaghilev's The Blue God (Le Bleu Dieu), July 1938 Media
Louise Lightfoot July 1938 Media
Shark attack survivor Beryl Morrin arranging flowers at her home in Bass Hill May1938 Media
The sacred mountain Yengo, seen from Mount Finchley August 2019 Media
Running, Mount Wilson 1968 Media
Cast of full skeleton of Paracyclotosaurus davidi at the Natural History Museum 2011 Media
Detail of map showing land holdings of Daniel Judd, O Riley and Ann Prosser on the Macdonald River 1831 Media
Walumbine Swamp and Boree Arm in 1831 Media
Boree Swamp and Thompson's farm on the Macdonald River 1831 Media
Map showing First Branch or Macdonald River, with land holdings 1831 Media
Report on the Coroner's Inquest and the burials of of Thomas Gibbes, Charles Kemp and James Starkie of the Edward Lombe 6 September 1834 Media
Pitt Town, c1835 Media
Police parade at Belmore Barracks 12 February 1896 Media
Page from letter by John Rae with drawing of his house Hilton September 1857 Media
John Rae c1884 Media
`Hilton', Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst, residence of John Rae c1879-1882 Media
Sally Bundil a native of Kissing Point c1810-1822 Media
Title page of 'The War-Atah : Australian legend' by Lucien Henry 1891 Media
Sydney Town Hall under construction c1875 Media
Crowd of children walking up May Street to St Peters railway station for their annual Sunshine Club picnic, 17 March 1945 Media
The Macdonald River, Wiseman’s Road 1840 Media
George and Liverpool Streets, SE corner, first milestone 1903 Media
Arcade off Market Street behind Linden Court, leading into Her Majesty's Arcade 1952 Media
Bungaree. Late Chief of the Broken Bay Tribe N.S. Wales c1836 Media
Boon-ga-ree Aboriginal of New So. Wales 1819 who accompanied me on my first voyage to the NW Coast Media
Bungaree, Chief of the Hawkesbury Tribe c1836 Media
Enmore House 1836-1840, described by Rolf Boldrewod Media
Thomas F Cosh 1915 Media
Major Alfred Spain 1915 Media
Hugh Dixson 1915 Media
Model Lorna King at Parsley Bay, on the cover of PIX, 21 January 1939 Media
Parsley Bay 2017 Media
Plan: Parsley Bay, Port Jackson - The Crescent, Fitzwilliam Rd c1932 Media
The Ostrich Farm Estate c1920 Media
Second subdivision, Ostrich Farm Estate, Vaucluse c1920 Media
Parsley Rd, Vaucluse c1927 Media
Bottle and Glass Rocks, Vaucluse 1887 Media
The Bottle & glass - near Sydney - March 26/36 (Sydy. Cove) Media
Bottle and Glass Rocks c1870 Media
A number of us gave lunch to Miss Walker at "The Hut" at Parsley Bay today, Thursday 22 September 1910 Media
Parsley Bay, Sydney Harbour c1910 Media