The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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Advertisement in the Sydney Gazette for Underwood's Yard 4 September 1803 Media
Advertisements for Anniversary Day Excursions 1888 Media
Advertisements in Railway Square 1960s Media
Advertisements in the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 21 September 1806, p 2 Media
Advertising Entry
Advertising design for Starch 1901 Media
Aegiceras corniculatum Entity
Aengenheyster, MF Entity
Aerated Water Factory Darlinghurst Entity
Aerial photograph of the Botanical Gardens looking east across Garden Island 7 January 1984 Media
Aerial view of Cooks River Entrance and Mascot Airport 1973 Media
Aerial view of Queens Square c1930 Media
Aerial view of Redfern Park and Redfern Oval 1949 Media
Aerial view of site of St Peters brickpits and surrounds 1949 Media
Aerial view of southern Hyde Park 1950s Media
Aerial view of St Peters from Taubmans factory on Mary Street, over church and cemetery towards Simpson Park c1940 Media
Aerial view of the Australian Window Glass factory at Alexandria c1940 Media
Aerial view of the Governor Phillip Fountain in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney October 2008 Media
Aerial view of the start of the 1959 Sydney to Hobart, Sydney Harbour 26 December 1959 Media
Aerial view over Camperdown Cemetery before resumption, July 1946 Media
Aerial view over Como and the Georges River towards Botany Bay May 2004 Media
Aerial view over Manly 1930s Media
Afford, Malcolm (Max) Entity
Afghan Entity
After a prayer service over the grave of Father Serapheim Phocas, Waverley Cemetery, 2010 Media
After a surf at Palm Beach, a sun bath c1926-1928 Media
After Life's Fitful Fever He Sleeps Well (In respectful tribute to Dr Woolley) Media
After the ceremony unveiling the Cenotaph, Martin Place 21 February 1929 Media
After the Mardi Gras, Sydney 1994 Media
After the Rainbow Crossing was removed commemorative rainbow ribbons were tied to nearby barriers, Taylor Square April 2013 Media
Afternoon-tea time at the Electrical Association for Women's rooms, Violet McKenzie at piano c1936 Media
AG Foster transcribing the details of the vault where David Ramsay and Sarah Ann Lord were interred on the Dobroyd estate, c1910 Media
Agamemnon Entity
Agar Steps Entry
Agar Steps Entity
Agar Steps leading up from Kent Street to Observatory Park c1989 Media
Agars, Thomas Entity
Agence de presse Mondial Photo-Presse Contributor
Agishev, Nick Entity
Agnes Banks Entity
Agnes Banks Entry
Agnes Banks Public School Entity
Agnes Napier Entity
Agreement between Thomas Beckford Simpson and Chinese labourers, 11 October 1851 Media
Agricultural Gazette of New South Wales Entity
Agricultural Society of NSW silver medal awarded to JS Bray for his entomological collection, 1874 Media
Agricultural Society's Exhibition at Moore Park April 1882 Media
Agricultural Society's Exhibition at Moore Park April 1882 Media
Agricultural Society's Exhibition at Moore Park April 1882 Media
Agricultural Society's Exhibition at Moore Park April 1882 Media