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Travellers' Rest Inn Parramatta

Georgian building at 16 O'Connell Street, on the corner of Hunter Street Parramatta. Erected as an inn it served many purposes over the centuries including use as a hostel for homeless men by the 1890s. With the two buildings at 12 and 14 O'Connell Street, it forms the Travellers Rest Inn Group.

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1830 - 1860
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1892 - 1955
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1892 - 1910

Elizabeth Agnes Miller

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Elizabeth Agnes Miller arrived in Sydney on the ill-famed 'floating brothel', the Janus, having received a 14-year sentence for possession of forged banknotes. She soon married William H Bennett and rose to become a respectable baker's wife and matriarch in the town of Parramatta in the second quarter of the nineteenth century

William H Bennett

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Sentenced to seven years transportation for theft, William H Bennett progressed from being a convict in a 'town gang' at Parramatta to being a highly respectable baker and landholder. Like other upwardly mobile emancipists, William Bennett negotiated the degradations of the convict system while keeping sight of the opportunities the new colony offered.