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Ku-ring-gai Tree Lovers' Civic League

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Ku-ring-gai Tree Lovers' Civic League

The Tree Lovers' Civic League was founded by Annie Forsyth Wyatt in about 1935, after she moved to a bushland setting at Park Street in Gordon. It grew out of her concern at the destruction of the natural environment in the area, particularly Browns Forest and Dalrymple Hay Reserve.

The cause espoused by the Tree Lovers' Civic League quickly spread throughout New South Wales, with branches formed in Hunters Hill, Orange, Epping, Darwin, Goulburn, Newcastle and Adelaide. The league promoted the beauty and benefits of trees, distributed tree seeds, planted trees, organised school essay competitions and liaised with local government. The establishment of the league led to the formation of the National Trust of Australia by Annie Wyatt and others in 1945.