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Reserve Bank of Australia building, 65 Martin Place

Purpose built head office of the Reserve Bank of Australia on the southern corner of Martin Place and Macquarie Street. Designed in 1959 by the Commonwealth Department of Works in the post war International Style for the newly created Reserve Bank, it was constructed between 1961 and 1964.

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1960 - 1964
Occupied by
1964 -
On site of
1980 -

Reserve Bank of Australia Building, 65 Martin Place, Sydney


The Reserve Bank building on Martin Place was designed in 1959 to establish a distinct public profile for the new institution in order to ensure its public recognition and confidence. Its position at the junction of Martin Place and Macquarie Street complements its identity as an organisation that is central to the functioning of the Australian economy, but also an institution that represents the interests of the Australian people and remains accountable to them.