Petition from Maria Lock re: land grant 1831, page 1

Transcript: To His Excellency Lieut. General
Darling, Governor on Chief … of New
South Wales and its Dependencies.

The Petition of Maria Lock, an
Aboriginal Native of New
South Wales.

Humbly Sheweth

-That on the first establishment of the
Native Institution by His Excellency Governor
Macquarie, your Petitioner, then a Child, was
Placed there by her father the Chief of the
Richmond Tribes.

-That Petitioner continued in the School
Till she was married to Robert Lock, with whom
She has ever since lived, and by whom she has had
Two Children.

-That at the time they were married your
Petitioner was promised a small Grant of Land,
And a Cow as a Marriage Portion.

-That she has since received a Cow, which
Has increased to five head, but has never
Received any Land.