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Murphy, Stephen

Coroner and magistrate who began his career as a public servant in 1867 as a clerk with the mounted police at Bathurst and then in the prison system. Murphy was sworn in as a general coroner for the colony in 1897. At the time, he was an appointed police magistrate and the Chief Emergency Officer of the Department of Justice. By 1900, he was appointed to the position of acting coroner for the Parramatta district. Soon after, Murphy was promoted to the position of Clerk of Petty Sessions at the Water Police Court in 1903. He would also take on the role, unofficially, of Sydney City Coroner following the promotion of John King to the Stipendiary Bench in October 1907. Murphy was officially appointed to the dual role of Sydney City Coroner and special magistrate of the Children’s Court in January 1909. Due to his age and workload, Murphy resigned from the coronial position in March 1912 in order to focus on family law, but only remained in practice until 1913 when he retired.

1876 - 1882
City Coroner
1907 - 1912
1909 - 1913