Sydney Opera House

Opera house

Jorn Utzon's Sydney landmark.

Sydney Opera House and ferry 2006
On site of

Sydney Opera House

by Laila Ellmoos, 2008 Creative Commons License

Sydney's most iconic building grew out of a campaign by Eugene Goossens, conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, for a large venue to be built. Three decades later, after conflict and drama with the architect Jørn Utzon, and long delays, the Opera House opened on Bennelong Point.
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Considered 'the devil's work' by some and 'poetry, spoken with exquisite economy of words' by others, the Sydney Opera House quickly came to define a city, while its author drifted slowly into obscurity. Myths about Utzon and his influences abound: Was the Opera House inspired by sails, sea shells or oranges? Was Utzon a sculptor or an architect? And how on earth did Sydney snare this rare beauty?
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Opera House 2007
Sydney Opera House steps 2008
Millers Point and Dawes Point 2008
Richard Wherrett's production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' for the Sydney Theatre Company in the Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House January 1990
Construction of the Sydney Opera House 1966
Official opening of the Sydney Opera House 1973
German migrant Bruno Brenke working on Sydney Opera House 1964
Installation outside Sydney Opera House by Korean artist Choi Jeong Hwa for Sydney Biennale 2008
The cover of the Yellow Book 'Sydney Opera House: architect Jorn Utzon' 1962