The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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Dirigible over Tamarama 1908 Media
Discharged Prisoners Aid Society Entity
Disher, Norma Entity
Display at Brislington Medical and Nursing Museum, Parramatta - 'Cookery Book mainly for Nurses and Bachelor Girls' 2014 Media
Display window of FW Johnson's Bakery at 42 Stanmore Road, Enmore with Sydney Waratah Festival display, c1960-67 Media
District Court of New South Wales Entity
District exhibits (agricultural produce) at the Royal Easter Show c1930s Media
Diver Rescue From Canal: Caught In Silt, 3 January 1946 Media
Dividend Estate Entity
Division of Forensic Medicine Entity
Division of Local Government Entity
Divorce Extension and Amendment Act 1892 Entity
Diwali festival, Harris Park 2009 Media
Dixon Street Entity
Dixon Street Chinese Committee Entity
Dixon Street, Haymarket 1900 Media
Dixon, Charles (Chicka) Entity
Dixon, James Entity
Dixon, Retta Entity
Dixon, Robert Entity
Dixon, Thomas Entity
Dixon, Trisha Contributor
Dixon, William Entity
Dixson Collection Entity
Dixson Trust Limited Entity
Dixson Wing Entity
Dixson's Twist Tobacco Manufactory 1864 Media
Dixson, Chicka Entity
Dixson, Emma Elizabeth Entity
Dixson, Hugh 1810-1880 Entity
Dixson, Hugh 1841-1926 Entity
Dixson, TS Entity
Dixson, William Entry
Dixson, William Entity
DIY Rainbow Entity
DIY Rainbow Contributor
DIY Rainbow event at Newtown Square 26 April 2013 Media
Djurberg, Daniel Contributor
Djuric, Bonney Entity
Do, Anh Entity
Do, Khoa Entity
Doak and Kerr Entity
Doak, Anthony Entity
Doak, Frank Entity
Doak, Margaret Entity
Dobell Memorial sculpture by Bert Flügelmann Martin Place 1984 Media
Dobell, William Entity
Doble, Gilbert Entity
Dobroyd Head Entity
Dobroyd Point Entity