The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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Title Type
Russian Relief Association of St Sergius of Radonezh Entity
Russian Monarchist Group Entity
Russian Medical Aid and Comforts Committee Entity
Russian Historical Society in Australia Entity
Russian Ethnic Community Council of New South Wales Entity
Russian Doll Entity
Russian Club Strathfield Entry
Russian Club Entity
Russell, Robert jnr Entity
Russell, Robert Entity
Russell, Robert Contributor
Russell, Peter Nicol Entry
Russell, Peter Nicol Entity
Russell, Katherine Entity
Russell, John d.1820 Entity
Russell, John Entity
Russell, Henry Chamberlain Entity
Russell, George Entity
Russell, Gary Contributor
Russell, Bourn Entity
Russell Lea Entity
Russell Bros Entity
Rushton, Benjamin Contributor
Rushcutters Creek Entity
Rushcutters Bay Park 2003 Media
Rushcutters Bay Park Entity
Rushcutters Bay Park Entry
Rushcutters Bay c1900-1910 Media
Rushcutters Bay c1870 Media
Rushcutters Bay boundary marker Entity
Rushcutters Bay Baths Entity
Rushcutters Bay and Darling Point c1890 Media
Rushcutters Bay Entity
Rushcutters Bay Entity
Ruse, James Entity
Ruse Entity
Rural Bank of New South Wales building Entity
Rural Bank of New South Wales Entity
Running, Mount Wilson 1968 Media
Rumpf, Ann Entity
Rümker, Christian Karl Ludwig Entity
Rum Rebellion 1808-09 Entity
Ruling machine at Gibbs, Shallard and Co's Printing and Publishing Establishment on Pitt Street November 1870 Media
Rules and Regulations for the Management of Female Convicts in the New Factory at Parramatta 1821 Media
Rules & regulations for the management of the Aborigines, or, Black Native Institution of New South Wales, established at Parramatta, on the 18th of January, 1815. Media
Ruins of windmill tower on Hope Farm, Cattai c1950s Media
Ruined sugar mill Mauritius 1892 Media
Ruined Castle Shale Mine Entity
Ruggero, Emanuele Entity
Rugby Union World Cup 1987 Entity