Inner-city suburb located immediately south of the central business district whose sandhills were first settled by Chinese market gardeners and later by Aboriginal people who migrated to work in the local factories. Today it is a rich blend of public housing, renovated terraces, light industry and arts precincts.


The Empress Hotel in Redfern was an important meeting place for the Aboriginal community and a central place to socialise. It was also the site of heavy-handed police action and the focus of racial persecution.
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Redfern park has always been a significant social, cultural, political and historical site for Aboriginal people both as a sporting venue and place of reflection for the community.
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Redfern demographics

Final heat of the Grand Bicycle Steeplechase - the water jump. Anniversary Day sports at the Albert Ground, Redfern 26 January 1870
Police Barracks Bourke Street c1908
Redfern to Sydney CBD
Walker Street, Redfern 1911
Redfern Park, Redfern c1907-10
Rachel Forster Hospital, Redfern 1944
Redfern to Waterloo 2005
welcoming?, Redfern 2009
Redfern Housing Project 1974
Staff from the Eveleigh workshops 1949
Boys skipping rope in Kepos Street, Redfern 1952
Children with their toys in Kepos Street, Redfern 1950
Public housing estate Redfern August 1953
Ye Sportes atte ye Alberte Cryckette Grounde 1866
The Albert Sports, Albert Cricket Ground, Redfern September 1866
Redfern railway station c1920
Prime Minister Paul Keating with Anon Link, 7, at launch of the International Year of World's Indigeous People, Redfern 1992
William Roberts, an original Anzac, and his family evicted from their Redfern home during the Depression 28 September 1934
Thomas Roberts in front of Aboriginal flag mural The Block, Redfern 2004
Atlas of the Suburbs of Sydney - Redfern 1886-1888
John McCormack and unidentified woman assembling aircraft cowling in Wunderlich factory, Redfern 1943
Plan of the Newtown area, September 1842
The Regent Hotel (formerly the Empress Hotel) 83-87 Regent Street, Redfern 3 November 1989
Redfern's tribute to fallen soldiers: memorial unveiled in Redfern Park by Mr JST McGowen MLC 28 January 1920
Turning the first turf of the first railway at Redfern 3 July 1850
Michael Mundine on the Aboriginal Housing Company 2009Norma Ingram, founding administrator, on Murawina 2006Prime Minister Paul Keating's speech at Redfern Park for the United Nation's Year for the World's Indigenous Peoples 10 December 1992