The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.


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Camden Weir Dam
Campsie - Flemington Goods Line Railway
Captain Cook Bridge Bridge
Captain Cook Dock Wharf or dock
Caraher Stairs Steps or stairs
Cargo Wharf Wharf or dock
Castle Hill tramway Tramway or light rail
Cataract Dam Dam
Cenotaph Memorial
Centaur Memorial Window Memorial
Centennial Memorial Fountain Fountain
Centennial Park Reservoir No.1 Reservoir
Central Wharf Wharf or dock
Chapman Steps Steps or stairs
Chard Stairs Steps or stairs
Charles Gordon's horse mill Mill
Charles Street wharf Parramatta Wharf or dock
Chatswood Reservoirs Reservoir
Circular Quay Wharf or dock
City Circle railway Railway
Clarkson's mill Mill
Coca-Cola sign Kings Cross Sign
Como railway bridge Bridge
Coogee Pier Wharf or dock
Coogee shark net Shark net
Coogee Women's Pool Swimming pool
Cooks River dam Dam
Cowpasture bridge Bridge
Cowper Wharf Wharf or dock
Craigend Mill Mill
Cremorne Bathing Pool Swimming pool
Cross City Tunnel Tunnel
Crown Street reservoir Reservoir
Crypt of St Mary's Cathedral Place of worship
Dalgety's wharf Wharf or dock
Darling Harbour - Sydney Yards Goods Line Railway
Darling Harbour Pumping Station Pumphouse
Darlington boundary marker Survey marker
Dawn Fraser Baths
De Burghs bridge Bridge
Dee Why beach war memorial Memorial
Dee Why Rock Pool Swimming pool
Dee Why sea wall Sea wall
Dodds & Davies Mill
Domain Baths Swimming pool
Doric fountain Macquarie Place Fountain
Double Bay War Memorial Memorial
Duck River wharf Wharf or dock
Eastern Channel Pile Light Lighthouse
Eastern Distributor Street or lane