The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.


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Macquarie Wall Public building
Macquarie Watchtower Tower
Magdala Road Wharf Wharf or dock
Main Western Line Railway
Malabar Ocean Pool Swimming pool
Man o' War Steps Wharf or dock
Manly ANZAC War Memorial Memorial
Manly Boer War Memorial Memorial
Manly Fun Pier Wharf or dock
Manly Gas Company gasometer Gasometer
Manly Harbour Pool Swimming pool
Manly Municipal Baths Swimming pool
Manly Wharf Wharf or dock
Market Wharf Wharf or dock
Marrickville War Memorial Memorial
Marsden's mill Mill
McElhone Stairs Steps or stairs
McIver's Baths Swimming pool
Meadowbank railway bridge Bridge
Merriman Stairs Steps or stairs
Metropolitan Goods Lines Railway
Military windmill Mill
Mill Pond Dam
Milperra Bridge Bridge
Miranda War Memorial Memorial
Monorail Tramway or light rail
Moore Park boundary marker Survey marker
Moore Park Cricket Association Memorial Drinking Fountain MemorialFountain
Moore Steps Steps or stairs
Moore's wharf Wharf or dock
Mort Bay container wharf Wharf or dock
Mort's Dock Wharf or dock
Mosman War Memorial Memorial
Mount Hunter war memorial Memorial
Moxham Road bridge Bridge
Nepean Dam Dam
New South Wales Garden of Remembrance Memorial
Newington College Memorial to the Dead 1914-1918 Memorial
Newtown Bridge Bridge
Noller Bridge Bridge
North Bondi War Memorial Memorial
North Narrabeen Rock Pool Swimming pool
North Shore railway line Railway
North Sydney Olympic Pool Swimming pool
Northbridge Baths Swimming pool
Northbridge Memorial Clock Tower Memorial
Northern Sydney Freight Corridor Railway
Number 1 Sewage Pumping Station Pumphouse
Oatley Park Baths Swimming pool
Oddfellows Memorial Hyde Park Memorial