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Juniper Hall

Built as 'the finest house in Sydney' this two storey Georgian home of eight rooms had a cellar, stables and servant's quarters. Known between 1831 and 1945 as Ormond House. By 1852 it was a home for destitute children and then a children's court. Almost demolished in 1921,a public outcry saw it redeveloped for commercial use with shops replacing front garden which were only removed in the late 1980s. It is now used as partial residence and gallery after the Moran family took a 99 year lease in 2012.

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1822 - 1824
Ormond House
Ormonde House
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1824 - 1857
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1832 - 1838
Occupied by
1852 - 1857
1868 - 1872
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1905 - 1911
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Juniper Hall

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Built on the ridge at Paddington, with views to the harbour and Botany Bay, Juniper Hall was the home of wealthy distiller and ex-convict Robert Cooper, and his large family. It was later used as a school, public building and court, and later subdivided into flats, before the National Trust of Australia (NSW) bought and restored it.