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FJ Walker memorial fountain and monolith Fountain
Flying Junctions Railway
Frazer fountain Hyde Park Fountain
Frazer fountain St Mary's Road Fountain
Fullers Bridge Bridge
Fullers Bridge weir Dam
Fullers wharf Wharf or dock
Gasworks bridge Bridge
Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial Memorial
Giant Stairway Steps or stairs
Giles Pool Swimming pool
Girard's wharf Wharf or dock
Gladesville bridge Bridge
Gladesville punt Punt
Glebe boundary marker Survey marker
Glebe Island Bridge Bridge
Glebe Island grain silos Silo
Glebe Jubilee Fountain Fountain
Glebe War Memorial Memorial
Gollan Memorial Clock Tower Memorial
Gordon's mill Mill
Government Mill Mill
Grave of Père Receveur Memorial
Gregory Memorial Fountain Fountain
Grotto Point lighthouse Lighthouse
Hawkesbury River railway bridge Bridge
Hawthorne Canal Canal
HMAS Kuttabul Memorial Memorial
HMAS Sydney Mast naval monument Memorial
Honour Avenue Fairfield Memorial
Hordern Stairs Steps or stairs
Hornby lighthouse Lighthouse
Horses of the Desert Mounted Corps Memorial Memorial
Hough's Windmill Mill
Hudson Brothers' Temporary Scheme Aqueduct
Hurlstone Park war memorial Memorial
Hyde Park obelisk Ventilation tower
Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre Swimming pool
Il Porcellino Fountain
Irish Famine Memorial, Hyde Park Barracks Memorial
Iron Cove bridge Bridge
Jenkins' wharf Wharf or dock
John Booth's Steam Saw Mills Mill
Johnstons Creek Sewage Aqueduct, Annandale Aqueduct
Jubilee Fountain Randwick Fountain
K13 Submarine memorial Memorial
Kable's mill Mill
Katoomba coal tramway Tramway or light rail
King's Dockyard Wharf or dock
King's wharf Parramatta Wharf or dock