Sydney Harbour Bridge


Steel through arch bridge from Sydney business district to the North Shore, constructed between 1923 and 1932.

Some of the first vehicles to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge March 20, 1932

The Sydney Harbour Bridge did more than merely unite the two sides of the harbour; it inspired a city and a nation, long before it was even completed. Images of the bridge by Grace Cossington Smith, Henri Mallard and Harold Cazneaux are among the most iconic. While CJ Denis gives us a sentimental view of Sydney's colonial history, Peter Carey's observations of the city and its history focus on a much darker side of the past.
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Building the Sydney Harbour Bridge

by Laila Ellmoos and Lisa Murray, 2015 Creative Commons License

When the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened in 1932 it was the epitome of modern bridge design and engineering ingenuity. The iconic design was the creation of Dr JCC Bradfield, of the New South Wales Department of Public Works, Ralph Freeman, consulting engineer for the builders, Dorman, Long and Co, and thousands of workers who toiled on it through the Great Depression.
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Australian flags fluttering atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge 2005
Certificate for crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge on its opening, 19 March 1932
Morning passengers leave the Manly ferry, Circular Quay, c1946-1949
Sydney Harbour Bridge 2006
Sydney Bridge Celebrations, 1932
150 Years of Progress poster 1938
Dr JJC Bradfield on 'king pin' under the arch at the Sydney Harbour Bridge February 1931
Crowd at Dawes Point celebrate the laying of the southern foundation stone of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 26 March 1925
Harbour Bridge deck with traffic [Sydney, 3] 1950s
Sydney Harbour Bridge celebrations 1932
Millers Point and Dawes Point 2008
Sydney Olympics 1 October 2000
Proposed Sydney Harbour Bridge c1903
Sydney Harbour Bridge 18 March 2007
Harbour Bridge climbers 2006
Toll barriers on Sydney Harbour Bridge 1932
Paying toll on the Sydney Harbour Bridge ca 1963
View from new office block at 138 Arthur Street, North Sydney 18 August 1969
Elephants from Wirth's Circus on Sydney Harbour Bridge, 3 April 1932
Philippe Petit walking along cable strung between pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge 1973
HMAS Sydney II passing under Sydney Harbour Bridge 1936
Advertisement for auction sale of the Links Estate, Killara 22 November 1924
Interstate diving championship at North Sydney Pool 9 January 1937
Traffic flowing smoothly on the Sydney Harbour Bridge after two new lanes were opened, July 1959
'New Guard Officer 'Opens' Bridge With Sword, And Is Arrested' 20 March 1932
View from pulley-wheels of north side creeper-crane looking into box section of south side arch, Sydney Harbour Bridge May 1930
Looking south from end of Span No 1 at property to be demolished for the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 28 June 1927
Harbour bridge with 'Eternity' illuminated sign 31 December 1999
Workers on the Sydney Harbour Bridge 1949
A bird's eye view - Sydney Harbour Bridge c1931
I Dips Me Lid to the Sydey Harbour Bridge by CJ Dennis 1932
The Bridge in Curve 1930
Untitled XIX, from the series 'Building the Sydney Harbour Bridge' c1930
Untitled II, from the series 'Building the Sydney Harbour Bridge' c1930
Sydney harbour and Museum of Contemporary Art 14 August 2009
Douglas Grant, draughtsman and soldier, with his ornamental pond and Harbour Bridge, Callan Park, between 1932-1940
Cover of Pan edition of 'Come in Spinner' 1960