The Dictionary of Sydney was archived in 2021.

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Conversazione Exhibition
Coogee Beach surf rescue 1911 Disaster
Cooper Bailey & Co circus tour 1876 Tour
Coral Thomas Fellowship Prize or award
Cowan Bank rail accident 6 May 1990 Transport disaster
Cronulla riots 2005 Riot
Crown Matrimonial Performance
Dagmar Berne Prize Prize or award
Dandenong gale 1876 Storm
Davis Cup 1909 Sporting event
Dawn Service Ceremony
Day of Mourning 1938 Protest
Derby Day Sporting event
Dunbar shipwreck 1857 Transport disaster
Edgeworth David Medal Prize or award
Edward Lombe shipwreck 1834 Transport disaster
Empire Day Anniversary
Empire Games 1938 Sporting event
Ern Malley Hoax Cultural
European crossing of the Blue Mountains 1813 Expedition
Eveleigh Railway Workshop robbery Crime
Excavation of Sheas Creek 1896 Archaeological site
Execution of Thomas Barrett 27 February 1788 Execution
Federation of the Commonwealth of Australia celebrations 1901 Celebration
Festival of Fishers Ghost Festival
Festival of Sydney Festival
First public demonstration of wireless
Fisheries Inquiry Commission 1880 Inquiry
Flickerfest Festival
Freedom Ride Protest
Garden Palace fire 1882 Fire
Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Cultural
Glenfield siege 1968 Crime
Godspell Performance
Goulburn-to-Sydney Cycling Classic Sporting event
Graeme Murphy's Tivoli Performance
Graeme Thorne kidnapping 1960 Crime
Granny Smith Festival Festival
Granville rail disaster Transport disaster
Great fire in the city, October 1890 Fire
Great Inflatable Film Festival Festival
Great Strike 1917 Industrial dispute
Great White Fleet visit 1908 Tour
Green Bans Campaign
Greenwich Village Games Sporting event
Greycliffe shipwreck 1927 Transport disaster
Hair Performance
Hajduk Split football tour 1949 Sporting event
Hands off China campaign 1938 Campaign
Haslams Creek railway accident 1858 Transport disaster